Absorbent Cotton Bandage

It is an economical, self-adhering bandage that provides excellent porosity in a lightweight, comfortable bandage.

  • used for surgical dressings, cosmetic purposes etc.
  • Edge’s are fine
  • Optimally disinfectant
  • Light weight
  • Highly sterilized
  • Widely used in medical and health fraternity purposes


These Roll consist of highly absorbent cotton and is applied over dressing to provide low adherent wound interface.Commonly used for primary wound dressings these bandages allow low adherent wound interface. These bandages have excellent absorbency, which promotes healing and also protects the wound.


  • There are fewer chances of pressures sores occurring in your body.
  • The padding allows normal breathing of the skin.
  • Absorbs exudates and sweat.
  • Permeable to air, cast padding avoids chances of skin irritation and maceration.
  • Under-cast Pad is Made from 100% polyester fibers, have no optical brighteners and is available in various sizes in roll form with paper wrapper.


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