Cotton Balls

  • Super soft
  • Absorbent & gentle
  • Flexible stems
  • No messy fibers left on face
  • Convenient pack for desired amount
  • Cleaning outer ears, nail polish & applying eye make-up.
  • Removing make-up & nail polish, applying creams & lotions
  • All-purpose product


Cotton Balls are super soft and absorbent.Feel clean everyday with Pure Cotton Balls. 100% pure cotton is naturally soft, absorbent and gentle on your skin.The product is used for cosmetic and in sterile form for medical purposes. For cosmetic use it is available in multiple colors like pink, yellow, blue. For medical application it is preferred in white color.

Specification Unit Packaging
0.2 gm / ball to 1 gm/ball 2 kg /Jumbo Bag 5 Bag/carton


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