Elastic Adhesive Bandage

  • Good aesthetic appeal due to woven fast edges.
  • Thick Fabric.
  • Allows Free muscle & Joint Movement.
  • Porous adhesive to allow skin breathing
  • Contains 20% Zinc Oxide which acts as a mild antiseptic. astringent & anti- inflammatory.
  • Adhesive covered with special plastic liner for easy unrolling easy application. long protection & long storage life.
  • An ideal bandage where support, immobilisation & pressure is required.


It consists of a woven fabric, elastic in warp, which has been spread evenly with an adhesive mass, which does not offset when the bandage is unrolled. The warp threads consist of two-fold cotton threads crepe twisted and welt threads are of cotton/viscose/both mixed. The warp threads are arranged two threads S twisted and two threads Z twist repeated. The fabric is clean & reasonably free from weaving defects & other impurities. It is one continuous length without joints and has fast edges. Application: Ideal bandage for support strapping fractures, muscles injuries, elbows, knees, shoulders specially requiring elasticity. *Kindly note that as per International Manufacturing Standards, 4 m is the fully stretched length of the product


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