Absorbent Cotton Wool

  • Absorbency time very low.
  • Super absorbent & Extra White  Cotton.
  • Consistent layer.
  • Even edges.
  • No loose fibers.
  • Free of foreign particle.


White uniformly carded natural cotton in rolled form packed in  dust proof pack. The cotton is highly absorbent made from natural organic Indian cotton; carefully processed to ensure that the natural fiber is free from impurities like seeds, leaf residues, dust and other foreign particles. Suitable for cleaning / swabbing of wounds and medication to wounds. Used in Hospitals, First Aid, Baby Care, Female Care, Beauty Care, & Cosmetic Uses.We manufacture this wool using 100% pure cotton as per international quality standards (IP/BP/USP) and norms.


  • Usage Commercial, Clinical, Hospital, Domestic.
  • used for surgical dressings, cosmetic purposes etc.
  • All Purposes  usable.


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